Hydration: What Are Your Green Drinks?

Hydration: Create Your Own Spectrum: Green Drinks I Like Or Want To Try (January 20th, 2021)

Your guide to liquid nutrition is designed to help you make better beverage choices and develop healthy drinking habits no matter what your starting point.

No need to label any drinks “off limits,” but nutritional value does vary. You have seen how different beverages stack up, and why you may want to drink some more often than others.

Green drinks are also known as those to “drink more” because they support you well nutritionally, help you reach your goals, they help you change your habits and transition towards healthier options.

As you review the beverages in the “drink more” green category, choose four for your personal spectrum of green drinks you want to incorporate.

Here is the recap of green “drink more” beverages from each category.

Plain Water:

  1. Spring water
  2. Tap water
  3. Alkaline water
  4. Distilled water
  5. Filtered water
  6. Reverse osmosis water

“Eight glasses of water a day” isn’t supported by scientific evidence, but it’s still a reasonably good rule of thumb. Get a healthy amount of water by:

*Drinking when you’re thirsty.

*Sipping, not guzzling

*Having a glass or two of water with meals.

*Remembering that all types of water (plain, sweetened, carbonated) count towards your water intake.

All plain water is good for you, but filtering water removes substances that could negatively impact health, such as heavy metals, radon, pesticides, and microplastics.

Sweetened Beverages:

  1. Infused water
  2. Naturally flavored water

Try adding berries, citrus fruits, herbs, and/or ginger to your water to infuse it with natural flavor.

Carbonated Beverages:

  1. Carbonated water, unsweetened
  2. Carbonated water, naturally flavored

Carbonated and infused waters are generally quite healthy, but their lower pH levels may be harmful to tooth enamel when consistently consumed in large amounts. Up to 16 ounces (500 ml) per day of carbonated beverages is a reasonable benchmark.

Tea & Coffee:

  1. Tea, plain
  2. Coffee, plain

Tea contains a host of health-promoting substances.

Black tea: Rich in theaflavins and thearubigins; strongly associated with decreased stroke risk.

Green tea: Rich in catechins (especially EGCG) and may lower your risk of several cancers.

White tea: The least processed type of tea, so it retains the most antioxidants.

Herbal teas: Caffeine-free, packed with antioxidants, and available in a variety of natural flavors.

Go plain if possible. Cream, sugar, and other additives reduce potential health benefits by adding calories and artificial sweeteners and flavors. “Plain doesn’t have to be boring, though. There are still plenty of “drink more” options.

Dairy & Plant Milks: Kefir, plain

Fermented drinks (like kefir and kombucha) contain probiotics and other bioactive compounds, which may improve your digestion and nutrient absorption.

Recovery & Performance Drinks: Super Shakes

Limit Super Shakes to one or two daily. Otherwise, they start to displace solid meals.

With a daily drink intake of 100 ounces:

  1. ⅖ red, ⅖ yellow, ⅕ green means 20 total ounces of green “drink more” drinks.
  2. ⅕ red, ⅖ yellow, ⅖ green means 40 total ounces of green “drink more” drinks.
  3. ⅕ red, ⅕ yellow, ⅗ green means 60 total ounces of green “drink more” drinks.
  4. ⅕ yellow, ⅘ green means 80 total ounces of green “drink more” drinks.

What 4 of the above Green “drink more” drinks are on your personal spectrum that adjusts for your preferences and lifestyle?

Coming up next: How to add beverages to the spectrum. It’s all relative.

If you would like guidance on your hydration journey, contact me at ProCoach.app/Joyce-Sherman

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