Hydration: How To Add Beverages To Your Unique Spectrum

Joyce Sherman
2 min readJan 21, 2021


Hydration: How To Add Beverages To The Spectrum (January 21st, 2020)

Your guide to liquid nutrition helps you make better beverage choices and develop healthy drinking habits, no matter what your starting point.

No need to label any drinks “off limits,” but nutritional value does vary. You’ve learned how different beverages stack up, and why you may want to drink some more often than others.

You’ve learned about the options of plain water, sweetened beverages, carbonated beverages, tea, coffee, dairy & plant milks, recovery & performance drinks, alcohol and the varieties of green drink more, yellow drink some, red drink less categories for each.

The amount you drink from each section will depend on what you drink now, and what your goals are. Aim to get a little bit better; you don’t have to do a complete overhaul. In fact, it is easier and more sustainable to make small changes over time.

Which proportion breakdown did you decide may work for you?

  1. 40 ounces of red “drink less” + 40 ounces of yellow “drink some” + 20 ounces of green “drink more”
  2. 20 ounces of red “drink less” + 40 ounces of yellow “drink some” + 40 ounces of green “drink more”
  3. 20 ounces of red “drink less” + 20 ounces of yellow “drink some” + 60 ounces of green “drink more”
  4. 20 ounces of yellow “drink some” + 80 ounces of green “drink more”

Which beverages did you choose for your

4 green drinks you would like or want to try

3 yellow drinks you want to incorporate

2 red drinks you want to indulge in

How to Add Beverages To the Spectrum:

At some point, you’re going to want to drink something that isn’t on the lists. Or move drinks around to better suit your needs.

For example, you’re an athlete who needs to consume sports drinks more often.

Here’s how to decide where they fit.

First, consider how it helps you reach your goals.

Will this drink:

  • Make your body, performance, and/or recovery better


  • Make your body, performance, and/or recovery worse?

Then ask:

How processed is this drink?

Does it have added sugar or fat?

Or artificial sweeteners?

How do I feel mentally and physically when I drink this beverage?

With this information, determine its place on the spectrum.

Next up: It’s all relative

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