Hydration: Choosing Drinks Based On Your Goals: 2 Red, 2 Yellow, & 1 Green

During this series of learning about liquid nutrition, we have focused on making better beverage choices and developing healthy drinking habits no matter your starting point.

You learned to differentiate nutritional value with the green label of “drink more”, the yellow label of “drink some”, and the red label of “drink less”.

You also learned about plain water, sweetened beverages, carbonated beverages, tea & coffee, dairy & plant milks, recovery & performance drinks, alcohol, and which drinks in those are part of the “drink less”, “drink some”, “drink more” categories.

You learned whether the following proportions may work for you:

  1. ⅕ yellow, ⅘ green
  2. ⅕ red, ⅕ yellow, ⅗ green
  3. ⅕ red, ⅖ yellow, ⅖ green

Today’s episode explores the proportion of ⅖ red “drink less”, ⅖ yellow “drink some”, ⅕ green “drink more”.

This proportion may work for you if:

  1. Most of your drinks currently fall into the red category of “drink less”.
  2. You’re new to exercise or exercise moderately.
  3. You want to look, feel, and perform better than you do now.

Tune in to following episodes to learn about a daily drink intake that works for most, how to adjust for your preferences and lifestyle, creating your own spectrum, and more.

If you would like guidance on your hydration journey, contact me at ProCoach.app/Joyce-Sherman

Have you checked out my totally FREE infographic on how to eat healthy without spending hours preparing a meal? Get it here: bit.ly/3p7JG08

I hope you are doing well.

Take care of yourself.


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