Hydration: A Daily Drink Intake That Works For Most

Joyce Sherman
2 min readJan 16, 2021


You have learned a lot about making better beverage choices and developing healthy drinking habits no matter your starting point.

You learned there is no need to label any drink “off limits”, but nutritional value does vary.

How different beverages in various categories stack up and why you might want to drink some more often than others.

You learned the continuum of drink less, drink some, drink more options within the categories of plain water, sweetened beverages, carbonated beverages, tea & coffee, dairy & plant milks, recovery & performance drinks, alcohol.

You learned how to choose drinks based on your goals and whether a given proportion may work for you, specifically the following proportions:

  1. ⅖ red drink less, ⅖ yellow drink some, ⅕ green drink more
  2. ⅕ red drink less, ⅖ yellow drink some, ⅖ green drink more
  3. ⅕ red drink less, ⅕ yellow drink some, ⅗ green drink more
  4. ⅕ yellow drink some, ⅘ green drink more

Today’s episode talks about a daily drink intake that works for most.

Drinking just water, coffee, and tea is great, but it isn’t your only option. If you want to enjoy more variety, here’s a framework for balancing your choices without overdoing it.

  1. Waters: 48 ounces (Range: 20–64 ounces)
  2. Tea or Coffee, unsweetened or lightly sweetened 24 ounces (Range: 0–40 ounces)
  3. Dairy or Plant Milk, unsweetened 16 ounces (Range 0–24 ounces)
  4. Alcohol/Juice/Soda 12 ounces (Range: 0–12 ounces per day) Alcohol fits into this approach when consumed moderately, using the guidelines in that episode.

Total daily intake: 100 ounces

Coming up next: Adjusting for your preferences and lifestyle, Creating your own spectrum of drinks. How to add beverages to your spectrum. It’s all relative.

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I hope you are doing well.

Take care of yourself.



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