How Sleep Is Like Custodians At A School

I taught at a high school of 4,500 students and over 200 staff members. At the time I was staying at the school for long hours, like 4 in the morning until 10 at night. During that time I got to talk with a lot of the custodians and maintenance crew since I was there during times that not many other people were.

I realized that during a normal day/shift, the custodian had about 15 minutes allotted to them to clean each classroom. That meant emptying the trash and pencil sharpeners, cleaning the white/black boards, vacuuming the room, removing any broken items, logging maintenance requests, basically the basics that got the room ready for the next day’s lessons.

During a busy time, such as a large event, or when they were short staffed because of illnesses, vacations, etc, the people that were working had less time to do their regular shifts, so what was handled was basically just take out the trash and empty the pencil sharpeners in each room, then report for other duty whether it be to take care of someone else’s room, or report to the athletic field for cleaning, set up or removing chairs, audio equipment, etc.

The deep cleaning happened during holidays, especially/mostly during the summer time. This is when everything is removed from the room. Tables, chairs, desks, computers, etc were taken out of the classroom, the walls were washed, the white/black boards were deep cleaned, the floors were waxed or deep shampooed, etc.

When we get enough and quality of sleep, our body is able to go into deep sleep and REM sleep. This is when the deep cleaning of our minds and bodies happen. Without the deep sleep, without the REM sleep, it is like the custodian only emptying the garbage and the pencil sharpener. Our body then functions much less efficiently the next day and the garbage piles up as does the pencil shavings. The carpet gets dirtier, the dust piles up, etc.

Going to bed at the same time every evening, waking up the same time every morning, and getting the amount of sleep our body thrives on is like getting a deep cleaning each night. In this way, more gets cleaned up and put right than we accumulate during that past day.

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